When you partner with ATHLETE-BIZ you join a team of leaders who ride with you every step of the way to meet your goals. We help create the WOW your career and business deserve. We will deliver a stimulating strategic plan that will put into motion a series of tactics that will convert casual lookers into your raving fans. You are an athlete and in the end, most aspects of your career and business depends on your fans. We understand that and will work diligently to get you more.

With decades of experience (over 125 years combined) in the development of marketing programs for companies both big and small, we are a diverse team of seasoned specialists with unique skills to help you build, optimize, and continuously improve your bottom line. We also help companies determine where to spend their sponsorship investments so we can help athletes like you get sponsors with the correct and polished approach.

We look forward to joining your team!



Nathalie Lawson: Office Manager
In the past 30 years, Nat has worked in photography, graphic design, premiums and incentives, administration, dispatching and grooming. Her ability to charm with her keen sense of humour, her planning insight and tenacious buying approach makes her one savvy deal maker for procuring our outside services and great deals for our athletes. When purchasing, she knows how to stretch the budget. She has worked her magic on all of our accounts and will get you great deals for your marketing investment too.

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Sable Giesler: Photographer/Copy Writer/and everything else
Sable is one of Canada’s up and coming Eventing riders and when she is not working as the Managing Editor at www.eventingconnect.today, she is working for ATHLETE-BIZ. Writing, photographing, and riding take up every waking hour of her day.

Sable has almost 50,000 Facebook fans. She has a growing group of sponsors and owners that support her riding. She was the first athlete to be marketed by the seasoned team at ATHLETE-BIZ and her branding success story for only being a two-star rider is a testament to our ability to building soaring careers for athletes.