Don’t waste another minute –
Let’s devise a plan to get your career soaring.

By choosing us, you can take advantage of our decades of experience.
We have been building brands and helping clients profit for years.

When you partner with ATHLETE-BIZ, you can focus on what you do best as a professional athlete – training, competing and coaching. Your core competencies are what your clients and stakeholders value in you and what they pay you for. Spending time on tasks unrelated to your core competencies is often wasted and the effort does not pay off.

Marketing is not optional

There’s nothing harder than marketing yourself. It’s kind of like trying to be your own therapist – it’s very hard to do from an internal vantage point without proficient training and experience. Marketing requires a seasoned professional to accurately evaluate your goals, your business, your marketing strategy and your marketing materials. We were in the marketing business long before the horse business. It is likely safe to say that you have been in the horse business longer than the marketing business. So it makes sense for us to handle the marketing and you to handle the horses.

As your professional marketing team, we will use our skills to help you build, optimize, and continuously improve your bottom line.
 We take pride in establishing profitable and trusting long-term relationships. Our only goal is to help your career and business opportunities thrive. We work ethically, persistently and effectively to help you succeed faster and easier.

ATHLETE-BIZ helps you:

  • Develop a rolling four-year career strategy
  • Build your personal brand
  • Grow your fan base
  • Expand your business and increase your revenues
  • Free up time to do the things you love


Business Strategy Signpost Showing Teamwork Marketing And Plan

You have a story to tell…a beginning, a history, a path to follow and goals to accomplish. We can get you there by:

  • Developing a four-year career strategy and implement effective tactics so you can truly live your dream.
    Long-term planning is required for a successful marketing program. We suggest athletes plan their career and set their business goals around a rolling four-year cycle to strategically follow the major games – Olympics, World Equestrian Games and the Pan Ams. Whether or not you are aiming for these competitions, you may have clients that are. The games are important for athletes as they do impact sponsorship budgets and business opportunities throughout the cycle. Although we will review and adjust your marketing plan annually, we need to be mindful of how major games impact your opportunities and make plans to capitalize on them.
  • Building your personal brand so sponsors, supporters and owners want to partner with you.
    One size does not fit all. You are the epicenter of your brand and you are unique. What do you stand for, who are YOU? We will unveil the YOU that people should get to know. Discover what a brand makeover tailored to your personality and crafted to reach your fanbase and stakeholders can do to grow your business.
  • Growing your fan base so you have the power to influence.
    You already have dedicated fans and a whole lot more that have not yet gotten to know you. Your online marketing strategy will make or break your business. Your social media following is critical to your success. Your followers are worth their weight in gold to sponsors and are a captive audience for you to turn into paying clients for lessons, clinics, or horse sales.
  • Expanding your business so you can utilize and maximize all the revenue streams available to you.
    Through a variety of tactics, collateral and tools we will launch a well orchestrated marketing arsenal that will build your business bigger, faster, and stronger. Living the dream requires investing in the right resources. When you partner with us, our mission is to grow your business.
  • Administering the monotonous tasks of your business to give you more time to do what you love.
    Your days are long with training and coaching. Your weekends are jam packed with competitions. You hate paperwork, writing and administration. Don’t sweat it – because we love all of that stuff, we are good at it and have dedicated staff to help you take care of it. We will seamlessly renew your memberships, complete your entries, book your clinics and travel, handle your social media, update your website, communicate with your stakeholders and approach and negotiate with sponsors on your behalf. We will take care of all of the necessary business functions that you cannot fit into your day. You live the dream and we will make it easier for you to enjoy it.


We look forward to working with you:

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